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A Personal Message from Len Kofler

Becoming spiritual is an unfolding process, a process that involves one’s entire being, the mental, the psychological and the emotional. Guiding and nurturing others in their spiritual life is a delicate, challenging and sacred task, one that will humble us and bring us face-to-face with our inadequacies.
It is a task that requires a thorough understanding of the psychological and emotional processes and how they contribute to, and/or detract from, true spiritual development.

Know thyself and know thyself first. To guide others one must first know the way ourselves. Likewise, it is virtually impossible to understand the psychological, emotional and spiritual processes of others until we understand something of our own processes.
Without that knowledge we are looking through a dark glass, making judgments about issues of which we have no real understanding. Knowing ourselves, knowing how and why we function the way we do, why we feel the emotions we feel, gives us a secure base from which to support others with the compassionate firmness and caring necessary when charged with nurturing their spiritual growth.

For thirty years we at the Institute of Saint Anselm have provided the special training that formators, leaders, evangelists and others charged with the sacred task of supporting and nourishing the spiritual life of the members of their congregations, dioceses and parishes need to best fulfil their duties. The Institute’s fully experiential Courses in Community and Pastoral Leadership have helped many thousands of religious leaders gain or enhance the skills necessary to carry out the complex and demanding task of guiding their community’s life and interaction.

We warmly invite you to take part in our programmes and courses which our Inspectors as well as our past participants consider ‘life changing’.

Len Kofler, MHM, DD, D.Soc, PhD.

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