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Father Len Kofler MHM DD, D.Soc, PhD. founded the Institute of St. Anselm in 1984 under Cardinal Basil Hume OSB.  St. Anselm’s as it is fondly known was founded to train formators, leaders and evangelizers in the Church.

Fr Len is a Mill Hill Missionary who is also an accredited psychotherapist, group psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer.  He was ordained in 1959 and in 1968 he took up further studies in sociology, psychology and pastoral theology and was in charge of formation at a minor seminary.

In 1978 Fr Kofler joined the staff of the Missionary Institute London as a lecturer. In 1980 he was elected president and continued to lecture and counsel till July 1985. He also gave lectures for London University Extra Mural Department. 

Fr. Len saw the need to train leaders for the Church and founded the Institute of St. Anselm which began in September1985 with the first Diploma Course. In 2009 he celebrated his Golden Jubilee of Ordination. He continues to lead it forward in the future, to his vision and the unique ‘life changing’ programmes of the Institute.





Building Positive Relationships

Wherever we go we take ourselves, especially into relationships which are central to our lives. It takes time to unlearn destructive attitudes that we have learned over time, sometimes unthinkingly, and acquire new habits.Imagine what your life would be like if you took ten minutes a day to read this book and apply the contents to yourself? This is not a book to read through and return to the shelf: this book is a life companion to bring out the best that is in you. Keep it beside you, allow yourself to be challenged by it, take your time pondering its wisdom, and it will help you to change your life for the better.

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Healing Groups


Healing Groups


A practical guide to good Christian leadership, this book explores and explains the skills and discipline of counselling and of counselling groups, paying particular attention to the character and techniques required by any leader. Every leader has, to some extent, to be a counsellor. Our Model for good leadership is Jesus Christ, while our model for the group is the Blessed Trinity.

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Looking after Yourself


Looking After Yourself: A Christian Guide to a Balanced Life

Drenched In an abundance of learning, Father Len brings together for the first time an impressive range of practical tips and guidelines for working on your own body, mind and spirit. Using easy-to-digest theory and engaging ‘try it yourself’ suggestions, he enables to you to make quick, positive changes to the way you look after yourself. Every area of life is an opportunity for growth, and Len Kofler’s gentle style will shepherd you on a journey towards a fully human life in a truly Catholic sense, using Jesus of Nazareth as your model. The journey is one towards greater freedom, fulfilment, happiness and healing and will richly reward all who travel it.

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Healing Relationships

Healing Relationships: A Practical Guide for Christian Counsellors and Carers


Fr. Len’s book is the product of forty years’ experience and of directing at St. Anselm’s. It deals with Petruska Clarkson’s Five Relationships, in the light of Fr. Len’s own personality model, in a Christian, coherent and easily accessible way, with plenty of exercises and case studies. “It shows counsellors how they may be able to point the client towards Christ as model and mentor, and thus how the wounded person might find true inner healing.”

The book will be of help to anyone who cares for others, and for those who have studied at St. Anselm’s it will provide an additionally personal resource.

Jeremy ROWE, M.Phil

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Leadership and Formation

This little book, Leadership and Formation, written by Fr. Len Kofler, Director of St. Anselm's, commemorates the Institute's Silver Jubilee. It is a history of the Institute's development, with all its twists and turns and ups and downs since 1985. It outlines clearly the philosophy and theology of the Institute, and incorporates a description of all our present courses. If anyone should ask you about the Institute, about what you did there as a participant, or about what our attitudes are concerning the Formation of the leader's personality, this book will provide many of the answers. If you do not know about our work, but are interested in finding out about it, this book provides the best possible introduction. It is easy to read, and is divided into short sections. There are some photographs of the earlier and more recent past. It is the record of a journey.

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