Moving to Rome
Movng to Rome


The Institute annually conducts several low-cost programmes. To date, the Institute has assisted over five thousand participants; these in turn have helped countless others throughout the world. Over 1,350 students have received a Diploma in Human Development after completing their nine-month experiential programme.

The Core faculty includes both secular and religious lecturers and course facilitators from around the world. To supplement its resident staff, the Institute draws on outside experts in spirituality, psychology, and various approaches to counselling, psychotherapy and human development.

  •         Diploma of Higher Education in Human Development, Leadership, Formation and Community Building (1 year full time)
  •         6-month Certificate Course: Certificate in Human Psychospiritual Development & Growth Facilitation Skills
  •         6-month Certificate Course: Certificate in Human Psychospiritual Development
  •        12-week Autumn Course: Certificate in Human Psychospiritual Development & Community Building
  •       18-week Spring Course: Certificate in Human Psychospiritual Development, Leadership & Community Building

Each of these Certificate courses offers you time to rekindle your enthusiasm for your mission whether returning to the same one, beginning a new one or looking forward to a fulfilling, fruitful and happy retirement The help you regain new vigour and insight for your life and work and are focused on enhancing your spiritual life and coming to a deeper acceptance, love and understanding of yourself and others. They are all ideal for a Sabbatical.

·      7-week Summer Course: Certificate in Community & Pastoral Leadership.

This abbreviated course is designed for those who are presently in a leadership position and who wish to deepen their understanding of their role and receive help for their own personal and spiritual growth but who do not have the time available for the year-long course. It includes skills training in Growth Facilitation.


Assessment will take into account your ability to apply theoretical concepts to your own spiritual, personal and relational growth and to helping others in their growth journey as individuals, in groups and in communities.

There are no exams, but throughout the course the assessment process will test the extent to which the learning outcomes have been achieved with reference to: conceptual understanding, proficiency in practice, integration of psychology and spirituality, personal, emotional and spiritual development, ability to help in building a multicultural community where there are good, healthy, growth-producing relationships, and leadership skills.