Moving to Rome
Movng to Rome

Diploma Course in Human Development, Leadership, Formation & Community Building (1SARDip & 2SARDip) 

Leaders, evangelizers and facilitators in spiritual and religious communities face a complex task, one requiring a great depth of understanding of human behaviour in addition to a solid grounding in the process of spiritual growth. True compassionate leadership is not possible without these. A facilitator of community life is often required to understand and resolve the individual’s emotional pains and troubles that, if left untended, will tear at the fabric of the community’s spiritual life. The special human development skills necessary in guiding their communities or parishes are learned and practised in these unique, foundational courses that complement the administrative and business skills offered in other educational institutes.

Based on Founder/Director Kofler’s core principle, “Who I am as a person determines who I am as a leader”, the Diploma and Certificate Human Development Courses centre on developing the psychological, emotional and spiritual maturity of the leaders and facilitators themselves. Participants in these courses learn or improve the professional skills necessary by actively practising them among themselves, participating in facilitated group workshops and individual learning sessions. The courses are practical rather than academic; a good understanding of spoken English is essential. 

These courses are planned to serve the needs of Bishops, Major Superiors, Parish Priests, Superiors, Head Teachers, Senior Nursing Staff, Chaplains, Rectors, and Novice Masters and Mistresses, Members of Formation teams, Pastoral Workers, evangelizers and leaders of lay communities.

Note: These courses are not intended for those with problems or needing intensive counselling or therapy.

Registration fee: €50

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January 2018

9 Months Diploma 2SARDip Diploma of HE in Human Development, Leadership, Formation & Community Building 2018

Course begins with supper Tuesday 02 January 2018 ends after lunch Wednesday 19th December2018      Fees €16,500

Easter Break: Friday 23 March 2018 after lunch till supper Sunday 8 April 2018

Summer Break: Friday 18 May 2018 after lunch till supper Sunday 30 September 2018

September 2018

9 months Diploma 1SARDip of HE in Human Development, Leadership, Formation & Community Building 2018 / 2019

Course begins Sunday with supper 30 September 2018 ends after lunch Friday 17 May 2019       €16,500

 Christmas Break Wednesday 19 December 2018 after lunch till supper Wednesday 02 January 2019

Easter Break Friday 12 April 2019 after lunch till Supper Tuesday 23 April 2019

N.B. Places are limited and can only be secured by receipt of a completed application form. Apply early to avoid disappointment.

Diploma 2SARDip 2018

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Diploma 1SARDip 2018 / 2019 Application Form

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