Mission Statement

An International Training Centre for Formators, Leaders and Evangelisers.

In the certainty that world peace can only be built on community peace and that community peace is built, not on emotional reaction, but on reasoned wisdom, the Institute of Saint Anselm’s chosen mission is to assist community and religious leaders at all levels in developing a strong, personal, spiritual and emotional foundation from which they can respond to life and carry out their duties with wisdom.

In furtherance of its mission, the Institute is committed to developing and adopting sound innovative programmes that deepen self-exploration, emotional growth and personal spirituality, in the firm belief that these endeavours are vital to the future of humankind.

The institute aims to empower people to take charge of their personal lives and help them to acquire the necessary competence and confidence to fulfil a leadership role successfully.

Leaders and facilitators in spiritual and religious communities face a complex task, one requiring a great depth of understanding of human behaviour in addition to a solid grounding in the process of spiritual growth. True compassionate leadership is not possible without these. A facilitator of community life is often required to understand and help individuals resolve their emotional pains and troubles which, if left untended will disrupt the community’s spiritual life. The special human development skills necessary in guiding communities, parishes and various groups are learned and practised in these unique foundational courses.

All courses are residential, full-time and experiential and focus on the whole process of growth with special reference to spiritual and psychological integration. All courses are suitable for Sabbaticals depending on the requirements of the individual.